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Texas No Fault Auto Insurance

Understanding Texas no fault auto insurance is essential to make sure that you have proper coverage in place. It’s not enough to just purchase the first policy you’re offered. In Texas, no fault auto insurance involves coverage options that can make a huge financial and physical difference if you’re involved in an accident. This guide will help you understand exactly what no fault auto insurance is, and to determine what TX laws require you to have.

Defining Texas No Fault Auto Insurance

One of the most important ideas to grasp about no fault insurance is that it applies to only the medical portion of your Texas auto insurance policy. In other words, your TX auto insurance policy is broken down into separate segments which cover damage to your vehicle and other property, and then physical (medical) harm to the people involved.

TX no fault auto insurance covers you for all risks outlined in the policy regardless of who is at fault. You are required by law to carry medical insurance as part of your auto insurance policy. Typically, a no fault state like Texas says that you (or your insurance) must pay for any expenses resulting from the accident even if it was the other person’s fault.

So if that guy ran the stop sign and ruined the front end of your car, you might think that his insurance would be responsible. If he had to file the claim, you wouldn’t run the risk of having your company raise your rates. However, in a no fault state it doesn’t work that way. Your insurance must pay.

So any thoughts of keeping your rates low by not filing claims are out the door. Again, this doesn’t apply to damage to your vehicle, only medical expenses like the ambulance, emergency room visits, hospital stays, and resulting care like rehabilitation therapies.

You will also see no fault auto insurance referred to as PIP or Personal Injury Protection on many policies. Since Texas is a no fault state, you are likely to see both terms on your insurance documents.

Laws Involving Texas No Fault Auto Insurance

Texans should be aware that the no fault laws mean that the driver “in the right”, or the good driver, does not have to prove the other driver’s negligence to start receiving money from a claim. This can be extremely helpful at a stressful time when you need funds to pay for things like:

  • Lost wages resulting from injuries
  • Ambulance bills
  • Medical bills
  • Physical therapy and other rehabilitation costs

While this is good, you also need to be aware that there is a flip side. You can’t sue the other party for your pain and suffering or you emotional distress. Of course, there are also ways around this which are covered below.

Add-On Coverage For Texas No Fault Auto Insurance

You can purchase additional no fault or PIP coverage that changes some components of auto coverage in a no fault state like Texas. By buying this added form of insurance you will:

  • Receive certain agreed upon benefits no matter who is at fault in an accident
  • Open the door for the injured party to sue

Since Texas does not have a No Serious Injury Threshold or a Monetary Threshold, there is not a limit that must be reached before a party is allowed to sue. Depending on whether you are the injured party or not this has up and down sides.

What about that damage to your vehicle? Even in a no fault PIP state like Texas, property damage claims are still handled in the same way. You’ve got to file a claim and prove what occurred.

That can be complicated if you’re required to prove that the other driver was negligent, reckless or aggressive.  Causes that lawyers look for in these cases may include DUI, distractions like cell phones, poor driving decisions for the weather conditions, or failure to obey speed and driving laws.

Most attorneys advise you to do your best to avoid any of these situations with aggressive drivers by yielding to the more aggressive driver, avoiding eye contact, and refraining from any interactions with other drivers on the road.

Finding Texas No Fault Auto Insurance

When you start looking for a provider for your no fault auto insurance, there are some important points to keep in mind.

  • Compare policies based on the same coverage options
  • Look into a company’s ratings
  • Consider the deductible and premium payments
  • The best policy for you will differ from the best policy for someone else
  • Discounts may be available, but you have to ask

You can easily compare policies from some of the state’s top insurers for Texas no fault auto insurance by going to the free quote tool at the top of the page. Why not get started saving some money on Texas car insurance today?

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