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Short Term Texas Car Insurance

If you’re online trying to locate short term Texas car insurance, you may be a bit frustrated. It seems like most references for short term car insurance don’t apply to TX specifically, and may even be targeted more for overseas travelers. Don’t despair. Here are some suggestions that will explain exactly what short term car insurance is, for Texas residents or anyone else who may need it.

Defining Short Term Texas Car Insurance

Short term car insurance really is as self explanatory as it sounds. Rather than purchasing coverage a year at a time for the daily use of your primary vehicle, this insurance option comes into play for a period of usually 28 days or less. There are a number of reasons you might consider purchasing short term coverage. Some of the more common include:

  • Using another vehicle for a high mileage trip.
  • Borrowing a car for an overseas vacation.
  • Students using someone else’s vehicle while at school or for trips home.
  • Using someone’s vehicle for a move.
  • Test driving automobiles.
  • Short visits with friends or relatives.

While there are probably many other reasons that people borrow cars for short periods of time, the reason you should consider purchasing insurance on it is usually the same.

If you borrow someone else’s car and have an accident while driving it, their insurance will have to pay the claim. That makes it incredibly likely that their rates will go up. Not a nice way to repay the Joneses for letting you borrow their car is it? Or if you are the one lending the car, it’s not going to make you very fond of your friends. Luckily, there is a solution.

There are many occasions when borrowing someone else’s vehicle makes a lot more sense than using your own or even renting. Let’s say Sarah really wants her mom to come down from Canada to visit her in Texas after the birth of her first child. (And what new grandma wouldn’t want to make that trip?)

But what are her options? She could drive down from Canada. She could rent a car even though Sarah’s is just sitting in the driveway. She could drive it uninsured (yikes and illegal!). Or she could purchase just enough short term auto insurance to cover her for the period of her stay.

Imagine that she does have a little fender bender. If she has the insurance, the insurance company can cover the expenses and Sarah doesn’t have to add the rate hike to the new baby fees. Get the picture?

OK. So now that you understand exactly what we’re talking about, how can you find it?

Finding Short Term Texas Auto Insurance

As mentioned at the start of the article, you may not have a lot of luck just Googling for short term car insurance. That’s because most insurers aren’t actively selling this type of auto insurance. Why not?

Well, if you’re looking for short term Texas car insurance you are either a resident in the state or someone planning to visit. As a state resident you are probably already insured and your current company is hoping that you’ll just call them for your short term insurance needs. (If you are visiting, it will require a little more research on your part.)

Your primary insurer might be able to offer you a discount, especially if you have multiple policies with them and a clean driving record. But be aware. Whenever you’re looking for insurance, it pays to shop around!

One really great and unbiased way to locate a company is to use outside ratings from independent auditors. For example, A.M.Best is one company that routinely audits the financial strength and performance of insurers.

You could go to their list and contact companies with their highest A+ rating in Texas and inquire about their offerings on short term auto insurance. The listings are free, and fairly specific. For instance, I found out that of the 336 companies listed as offering auto insurance in Texas, 307 have active ratings.

I was also able to determine which ones have headquarters in the state and to get their ratings instantaneously. A few of the A+ rated companies listed were:

  • 21st Century Insurance Company of the Southwest
  • AAA Texas County Mutual Insurance Company
  • Allstate County Mutual Insurance Company
  • American Modern Lloyds Insurance Company
  • Auto Club Casualty Company

And we’re still on the “A”s. Now if you’re thinking that maybe calling all these companies might be more of a headache than it’s worth, I tend to agree. The other way to go about it is to get online quotes and let them come to you.

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