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In Texas, discount car insurance can be a challenge to find. Everyone wants a good deal on his or her car insurance coverage, but it requires some work on your part to get it. Finding Texas discount car insurance is a simple matter of educating yourself as to what is needed and what options there are, and then shopping around. By using an online quote tool, like the one above, you can effectively and easily find quotes for your TX discount car insurance.

Texas Discount Car Insurance: The Requirements

Texas is one of the states that requires car owners to show that they are financially responsible enough to pay for any accident that may occur through the use of their vehicle. There are a variety of options to show that you are financially responsible. These include surety bonds and deposits or car insurance. Because of the simplicity and convenience of insurance, not to mention that many people don’t have the extra money to tie up in bonds and deposits for such things, most Texans opt to go the insurance route.

Every state has its minimum car insurance requirements and Texas is no exception. As of April 1st, 2008, the minimum limit requirements for bodily injury and property damage liability are:

$25,000 per person injured
$50,000 per accident, in total
$25,000 to cover property damage

These limits have just been increased and will increase again in 2011, in order to reflect rising costs. It is against the law to not have the minimum coverage amounts and there are procedures in place to check to make sure that drivers do indeed have insurance. Fines result for those who are not in compliance, and possibly even losing your license or having your car impounded.

Texas Discount Car Insurance: The Ratings Determinants

It is important to understand how rates are set and how discounts are given in order to get the best price possible on your Texas car insurance.

  1. Driving Record – In order to get the best possible rates on your car insurance, it is best to have 3 years of clean driving, with no accidents or tickets.
  2. Length of Time Driving – Experience driving gives you better rates.
  3. Age – If you are under age 26, you will have higher rates, because of the higher risk of being involved in a car accident. This is especially true for men. Rates also tend to rise again because of age, after you reach 55.
  4. Driver’s Ed Course – If you are getting your driver’s license for the first time, taking a driver’s education course will help you get better rates. If you have recently had a ticket or at-fault accident, driver’s school courses may help to keep demerit points off your license. If you are over the age of 50, a defensive driver’s course may help you get lower rates.
  5. Where You Live – If you live and do most of your driving in rural areas, the rates will be lower than if you lived in the city, mostly because there are fewer cars on the roads with which to have an accident.
  6. How Many Miles You Drive Per Year – The lower the mileage you put on your car every year, the better the rates you will receive, because you are less at risk for an accident.
  7. What Kind Of Car You Drive – For collision and comprehensive coverage, your choice of car makes all the difference to your rates. Each car is rated based on how often it is stolen, how expensive it is to buy and repair, and if it is a sports car or not. Before buying a new car, it is wise to investigate the ratings given to it.
  8. Credit Score – If you have a poor credit score, insurance underwriters say that you have a higher chance of making claims, therefore your rate will be higher.

Texas Discount Car Insurance: Tips On Saving Money

There are some things you can do to try and reduce your TX car insurance costs. 

  1. Deductibles – Raise your deductibles on coverage like collision and comprehensive coverage. Chances are you will not make a claim for a small amount of damage, therefore low deductibles are not always a good choice. Look at what you could comfortably pay out of pocket if you were to have an accident and what you would save with higher deductibles. It just may be worth the difference.
  2. Remove coverage – If your vehicle is older and is not worth very much from an insurance point of view, you may want to consider removing collision and comprehensive coverage from your vehicles. Also, if your company has a roadside assistance package included and you already have one independent of your insurance company, you may want to remove that coverage to save money.
  3. Multi-line discount – When possible, insure your home and cars through the same insurer. Most companies give a discount for multiple line insurance.

Texas Discount Auto Insurance: The Insurers

Below is a list of companies offering competitively priced Texas car insurance.

The General
21st Century
Liberty Mutual
Texas American Insurers
MetLife Auto
The Hartford

Texas Discount Car Insurance: The Quote

To find Texas discount car insurance to fit your needs, your best bet is to shop around and compare prices. To get a variety of prices that truly compare the same coverage based on the same information, use our quote tool at the top of this page. In no time, you’ll have quotes from different Texas car insurers and find the best discount rate for you. Return to the quote tool above and get started now!

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Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save

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