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When you are shopping for a new vehicle in Texas, the car dealers insurance plan is one way to get the coverage you need for your vehicle. Consumers who are dealing with car dealers in TX for their insurance need to understand that the dealer itself is not providing coverage. The car dealers have an arrangement with a TX insurance company to sell insurance to its customers. Buying Texas car dealers insurance at the same time you buy your car has advantages and disadvantages.

Texas Car Dealers Insurance: Advantages For The Consumer

The biggest advantage for the consumer who decides to buy insurance from one of the Texas car dealers is convenience. The buyer knows they need proof of insurance and they can arrange for this coverage, at the same time they put the financing for their new car in place.

This option is quick and convenient. For a busy person who just wants to get the deal over with in a hurry and get on with their day, it can make sense to talk to one of the staff members in the dealership’s Finance and Insurance Department.

Texas Car Dealers Insurance: Disadvantages For The Consumer

Offering insurance to its customers makes good business sense for the car dealership. When they can add on services to the purchase price, they make a profit in addition to the markup on the vehicle being sold.

The consumer needs to understand that the dealership is getting paid on the policy they are buying, as well as the insurance company issuing the policy. Since the dealership is acting as the middle man in this transaction, the cost of insurance may be higher than if the customer contacted the same insurer directly to get a quote.

Another concern with arranging for insurance coverage through the car dealer is that the person who is discussing the policy with you may not have the same level of training that an experienced insurance agent would. If you are not knowledgeable about insurance policies (and many policies are written in language that is very difficult to understand), then you may not be clear about the terms of the policy you are buying. The person at the dealership may not be able to answer your questions, either.

If you are a savvy car insurance buyer who understands that choosing insurance coverage from a TX car dealer may mean paying more to get coverage quickly, then this may be a good choice for you. On the other hand, there are other alternatives to buying car insurance from a dealer.

Texas Car Dealers Insurance: Alternatives for Consumers

When time is not of the essence, it’s always a good idea to shop around for your car insurance coverage. You can review insurance options from a number of companies simply by going online. With a few clicks of your mouse, you can get quotes and information from several insurance companies.

If you have questions about coverage or any other policy provision, you can contact the insurer by phone or e-mail to get clarification before you commit to buying a policy.

Another option is to find an independent insurance agent. Not only will this person have undergone specific training in the insurance field, he or she is not limited to selling products from only one company. The two of you can work together to find the right level of coverage to suit your needs, at a price that you can afford.

When you deal with an insurance agent and have questions or concerns about your insurance coverage, you can contact your agent to discuss them. As the two of you work together, you will have developed a relationship and the agent knows that, if you are pleased with the type of service you have received, you will be back when you need other types of coverage. The goal of the salesperson at the car dealership who is selling insurance is to get you to buy one policy. After that, their relationship with you has ended.

Do your research ahead of time to avoid the temptations of Texas car dealers insurance.

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